Short Essay on Global Warming and Its Effects

Essay 1

Global Warming

Global warming is generally climate change in respect to the observed changes in the earth’s average surface temperature. It occurs when carbon dioxide, other air pollutants, and greenhouse gases combine in the atmosphere. They absorb solar radiation, trapping the heat and increasing the earth’s temperature.

Effects of Global Warming

  • Increased earth temperatures. The high temperatures in various parts of the globe have been hazardous to plants, animals and human beings.
  • Extreme weather conditions. Some areas in the world have experienced frequent heat waves, storms, droughts and floods, which have caused many deaths and property destruction. The wet regions have become wetter, and dry areas have become drier.
  • Ice melt. North America, Asia, and Europe have recorded a decline in the permanently frozen ground. The Arctic sea ice has also significantly
  • Higher sea levels. Due to the ice melts, the sea levels have increased worldwide. As the levels rise, the sea boundaries move closer to the land which is occupied by humans, plants, and
  • More acidic oceans. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the air means that the oceans absorb some quantity of the gas, increasing the acidity of the sea water. From acidic seawater, acidic rain is formed which is harmful to the environment.
  • Higher wildlife extinction rates. The land and sea are undergoing rapid changes due to global warming and animals are affected directly. It becomes a case of survival for the fittest as those animals which do not adapt quickly become extinct.
  • Dirtier air. The increasing temperatures have worsened air pollution by elevating the ground level ozone when air pollutants react to solar radiation and heat. This ground level ozone is the major component of smog so with rising temperatures, the more smog there is hence dirtier air.


Global warming is very dangerous. Implement early measures to curb it. Extreme heat has already caused many deaths in various parts of the globe. Everyone should take it upon themselves to learn about global warming, its causes, and measures that can be taken to control, if not eradicate it.

By Winnie

Essay 2

Global Warming

It is no secret that Global warming is real and serious and yes, it is happening. What is global warming? Global warming is a gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature. Experts say that Global warming is accelerating as times moves on. Over the last many years, global warming has been increasing at a fast rate. The danger of global warming is severe, and unless we curb it, the world’s temperature will rise rapidly, and it will be unbearable to the world’s life.

Global warming occurs when air pollutants, carbon dioxide, and greenhouses gases combine in the atmosphere and absorb solar radiation and sunlight. Its the main cause is the greenhouse effect. The good thing nowadays is that scientist have started a turnaround of the emission of the dangerous gases.

Effects of Global warming

  • It causes abrupt climate change in the world which poses a danger to the world’s life.
  • Global warming may cause the occurrence of severe storms and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Change of plants’ dates of activities and animals’ migration patterns and cycles.
  • Increase in the world’s temperature which is permanent and irreversible.
  • Acidification of oceans is as a result of global warming.
  • It causes migration of animals from places with low attitude to places with higher attitude.
  • Birds and insects have changes cycles and their migration trends.
  • The warm temperatures have to lead to an increase in disease-causing
  • Extinction of some plants and animals, thanks to the extreme weather conditions which may be unbearable to some plants and animals.
  • Alteration of plants’ yields thanks to the spread of pests, diseases, and the harsh weather conditions.

By Maureen

Updated on May 5, 2020