Short Essay on Mother


Unable to describe her, a mother is the most precious treasure we receive in our lives. She is one such person we can completely trust and cherish. The mother can also be said to be the closest parent since we spend most of our time with her when we are growing up. She is a pillar of support since we are born and even when we are adults. Nothing can be compared with your mother in the whole universe. Let us discuss the roles played by a mother in our lives.

The Importance of a mother

A mother does the most meaningful jobs in the world which is difficult and not paid, but they still do it wholeheartedly.

  • A mother is the greatest chef in the world. You know why? Even most of the most celebrated professional chefs ate their first meals from moms.
  • In this school of life, we learn different things in schools, and everywhere you go? But did you know that your mother was the first teacher? They teach us how to behave, cook, and how to relate to Don’t forget they showed us to do our homework.
  • We should always assist our mothers to do house chores. This is because they are the best housekeepers who have seen us grow and kept clean all the kinds of messes we made in the house.
  • A mother will always be your counselor when you are going through hard times. Since you were young, they would advise you on how to perform better at school and advise you on relationships when you are a teenager.
  • They help us to clean our clothes and all other laundry
  • When you quarrel with your siblings, your mother will resolve the conflict and make sure that each one of you is satisfied.
  • A mother will always take care of her child, take them to school, give them medicine, watch their overall health among others.
  • They also plan vacations and holidays for us. Mothers are good event planners. Did your mother ever organize a birthday party for you? You can tell that.


We are who we are today because we got first love and care. A mother performs major roles in a family and not forgetting she has other obligations too to play in the society. We should always celebrate them, or once during Mother’s Day.

By Winnie