Short Essay on My Dream Destination

My Dream Destination

Everybody in this world likes to travel, and everyone has a destination where he or she wants to travel once in their lives, and that destination is usually their dream destination. My dream destination where I would love to travel once in my lifetime in Australia. I would love to travel there for the fantastic number of beaches Australia is having and also to explore its culture and mind-blowing food. Let’s find out what Australia has that makes it my dream destination.

  • Australia has a lot of natural attractions like botanical gardens, beautiful islands, the Great Barrier Reef, various beaches, and vast forests to have a look at.
  • The top tourist attractions of Australia that no one wants to miss are – The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Kakadu National park, Blue Mountains national park in New South Wales, The beautiful Fraser Island in Queensland, Heide museum of modern art, Harbor Bridge in Sydney, and the most important place to visit in the country is Opera House in Sydney.
  • There are places for the adventure lovers as well like – Great Barrier Reef for Scuba diving, ballooning over Yarra Valley, Sea World Marine Park, Skiing in snowy mountains, Skydiving in Melbourne, etc.
  • And like every country, Australia has some places for the shopping lovers as well which are – Chapel Street Melbourne, Pitt Street mall Sydney, Queen Street Mall Brisbane, King Street Perth, and Rundle mall Adelaide, etc.
  •  The country also organizes various music and cultural festivals that one will like to miss.

Overall it is a place that I dream to visit and the Australian authority has given a slogan to Australia tourism which is “There’s nothing like Australia” which I feel is very accurate as for me, there is nothing like Australia, because the places, the nightlife, the number of beaches and the beauty which can be seen in Australia, would never be seen at any other country.

By Vishakha