Short Essay on My Dream Future

My Dream Future

It is the time to speak my heart about the process that I want in my future. I have never spoken to anyone about it is, but like most of the boys in the country, I also want to become a cricketer. This is my dream future, but I wouldn’t let it be a dream only, I have made several plans to become a cricketer and though people don’t like to share their plans, am of other types of people who share their plans and here is the plan:

  • I have joined the academy, and I know am very capable of becoming a cricketer, and my coaches also agreed with this statement hence they are ready to give me personal coaching for free.
  • I know a lot of people who have been professional cricketers in the past, and that is why I will get some tips about batting and bowling from them which will definitely help me to get through district and state level tournaments.
  • I have played a few matches in my schools and in all these matches, I got man of the match awards and thus I can say that the selection committee already has eyes on me and all I need to do is to work harder than anyone else in this field and like it is said, “Hard work will pay off” one day.
  • As my family is not capable of buying me expensive cricket kits and other materials required, am doing a part-time job which is not affecting my goals at all and which is helping me to get my cricket stuff without creating problems for my family.
  • I am at a very young age right now and cannot say that whether I will make to the national team or not, but one thing is for sure that if it requires hard work, dedication, and resilience to reach there, then there would nobody who would be more hardworking and dedicated than me in this entire world.

All I can say is that am pretty serious about this career choice as it is my passion and it is one of those passions who can give you a lot of fame and money as well.

By Vishakha