Short Essay on My Favorite Destination

My Favorite Destination

There are a lot of places in India that are meant to be loved and are loved by a lot of places in India as well as in other countries. And one of these places is my favorite destination in India is Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is a state of mountains as the entire state is covered in mountains and greenery. There are a number of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh that I like to visit every time. Here are the few most popular places in the state and also some other interesting facts about the state:

  • Himachal Pradesh is known as the land of snows and it itself depicts that throughout the year a lot of places of Himachal Pradesh are covered in snow due to which it is loved by a lot of people.
  • It has cities like Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Chamba, Dharamsala, Dalhousie, Kangra, and Kasauli, etc. These cities have lots of offerings for their tourists, and that is why throughout the year, the streets are crowded with a lot of people.
  •    All the places in Himachal Pradesh are very cool and calm and whenever I feel that I am feeling low or I need some time off from my work, I visit one of these places and enjoy my time there and I am pretty sure that a lot of people from India should be doing the same thing too.
  • The state has a unique heritage and culture which people like me love to explore. The food, the culture, the music and the attire that people here offer is not only unique but very beautiful due to which it is loved by all.
  • Himachal Pradesh is also known for various kinds of industries as well. Various medicines, branded clothes, and leather items are made here as international companies have made their factories in this lovely state.

Going through all these points, one can imagine the beauty and the love the state offers to its visitors, and that is why it is my favorite destination to visit.

By Vishakha