Short Essay on My Favorite Fruit (Banana)

My favorite fruit is banana. Bananas are loved by people of all age groups, and it is a fruit which can be eaten at any time and in any numbers as researches have still not concluded about any side effects of adding too many bananas. For me there are lots of benefits and am listing them below:

  • I am a skinny guy like a lot of other people in the world and people like us, look for various things to eat which are full of carbs and are healthy too. And a banana is a fruit which is not only full of carbs, but it also has potassium, iron, fiber, and some protein as well which makes it a nutritional fruit.
  • Banana is a fruit which can be added to almost any kinds of smoothies, and it is not possible that a smoothie contains bananas and it doesn’t taste good.
  • Bananas are helpful in curing various health problems – It improves digestive health, lowers blood sugar level, helps in weight loss as they are filling and has lesser calories if consumed as a small meal, it has anti-oxidants which help in curing heart diseases as well.
  • This is a fruit which can be eaten by an obese as well as a skinny person. If you are looking to gain weight, blend some bananas with milk dates and cocoa powder, you will see the results soon, and if you are looking to lose weight, you can replace your meals with some bananas which would be healthier.
  • Bananas may be the least expensive fruits of all. Especially in India, it is the least expensive, and that is why one can add it to his diet and enjoy its benefits.

So, how can someone not fall in love with this king of fruits Banana? For me, I cannot live without eating a banana no matter where I am, how I am and with who I am.

By Vishakha