Short Essay on My Favorite Fruit

My Favorite Fruit

Usually, people don’t love fruits that much but thanks to fitness influencers that they have influenced a lot of people all around the world due to which people’s love for various fruits has increased rapidly. Thankfully these fitness influencers made me introduce to my favorite fruit as well. I learned that my body needs a lot of Vitamin C to achieve the fitness goals that am looking for, and hence I went on to eat a fruit which is full of Vitamin C and various other vitamins and minerals, i.e., Kiwi. Kiwi has a lot of health benefits that I would like to explain here:

  • Kiwi is known to be a berry which has a lot of health benefits including curing problems like skin problems and insomnia etc.
  • People have an assumption that Kiwi is a fruit from New Zealand. However, it was first found in China, and still, China is the no. 1 producer of Kiwis.
  • Kiwis are best for those looking for losing fat as one piece of Kiwi contains just 54 calories approximately and are very filling. In addition to it, people looking to gain weight can also consider eating by adding it various smoothies, etc. for adding more healthiness to their smoothies.
  • The fruit contains high potassium and high fiber which is very beneficial for the heart of human beings.
  • One can add Kiwi fruit in various smoothies, salads, and diets and that is why Kiwi is considered to be the fruit which can be eaten at any time throughout the day by anyone no matter one is obese or skinny.

All these health benefits and a brilliant taste of Kiwi makes it my favorite fruit and a favorite for lots of other people as well. To enjoy the flavor of Kiwi daily, one can have Kiwi shake, Kiwi salad, and Kiwi flavored protein shake, etc. The most significant benefit of this fruit is that it helps in increasing Red blood cells and white blood cells in our body which is why it has been eaten by a lot of people throughout the country.

By Vishakha