Short Essay on My Favorite Hobby – Drawing

My Favorite Hobby – Drawing

Everyone has a hobby that he loves to do while he is free from all the other works that he usually does in his life. A lot of people loves to play sports in their free time, a lot of people go to the gym, some watch TV, some surf on their mobiles, but I will talk about a hobby which would be the hobby of maximum people all around the world, and it is my favorite hobby drawing. I loved drawing from the time I was a child and still I draw a lot whenever I get free time from my busy schedule. Drawing has lots of benefits and here are a few of them:

  • Having drawing as a hobby is very beneficial as it increases our imagination strength. A lot of people including myself, draw things that we are imagining, and our drawing tells us how strong our imagination is and how we have brought it out on paper.
  • A lot of people around the world has a problem that they are unable to display their emotions, the same problem was with me, and when I started drawing, it helped me to display my emotions and from there on, every time I had some emotional moments, I made some drawings and took all my emotions through it.
  • Like other hobbies, drawing also requires knowledge of a few points and for that one needs to read some books or explore the internet, and by doing that, we increase our knowledge about the same. And just in case if you do not have any other aims in our lives, we can make our hobby drawing as our profession due to the knowledge that we gained.
  • During a child’s age, our parents let us draw anything as they feel that it makes us happy. But the best part of it is that they make us independent. Drawing as a hobby makes us independent of anything as we are the sole ones who are involved in creating anything and thus we can criticize or praise ourselves only.
  • While I was a child, drawing as a school subject, made me happier than anything else as it reduced the stress of any other subjects that I used to study in my school, and I am sure that a lot of other students might be having the same feeling in their schools.

All these above points, make drawing a great hobby, and currently, it is my hobby, but I will make sure that it becomes my kids’ hobby too because of the happiness that we get by making drawings.

By Vishakha