Short Essay on My Favorite Pet

My Favorite Pet

People all around the world have various pet animals with them, and it is called that people with pets have minor health problems because their pets make them happy all the time. That is why I had a few pet animals with me, but the best and my favorite pet among all is a Rabbit. There are a lot of benefits that one can get by having a rabbit as a pet and here are a few of them:

  • Rabbits as pets are way easier to look after than dogs and cats, and that is why it can be called that Rabbit as a pet is better than dogs and cats.
  • Rabbits are cuter than any other pets in the world unless you are looking for rare quality rats as your pets. This cuteness makes people fall in love with their pets more.
  • There are lots of breeds available in the pet market, and the owners can choose from all the breeds, but one point is for sure that the owner will definitely be taking back a cute pet animal with him.
  • Usually, people do not like the noise that cats and dogs make and that is why they don’t keep cats or dogs as animals. However, rabbits are the animals which are very calm and do not make any noises which can create problems for the owner, and this is another reason why rabbits can be better than any other pets.
  • Like dogs or other pets, rabbits are not needed to be walked as they can just freely be sent to a park with a boundary and they will themselves run around the park and complete their exercise.

All the points mentioned above have made me fall in love with rabbits, and that is why I have three rabbits in my house currently. People assume that keeping rabbits as pets are not suitable for various house items, but all those are just rumors as I have kept these rabbits with me for more than a year and I have just experienced love and no problems at all.

By Vishakha