Short Essay on My Favorite Player (Virat Kohli)

Short Essay on My Favorite Player (Virat Kohli)

Virat Kohli, who doesn’t know about this personality, one would have never watched cricket if he doesn’t know Virat Kohli. He is currently Indian team’s Captain and one of the best batsman in the world, and here I am telling everything that I know about my favorite player, Virat Kohli.

  • Virat Kohli is considered modern great due to various records he has been making at a very young age. A lot of people call him Next Sachin Tendulkar of India. Virat has a habit of scoring big runs currently as well as he managed to get selected by his hard work only.
  • He is currently the fittest person in the Indian team, and he had attained this fitness in the last four years when he failed in England. He has himself said that the tour of England changed his life and his fitness routines entirely due to which he has reached to the point where he is now.
  • He is currently the highest run scorer of the Indian team which is playing in 2018 in tests as well as in ODIs.
  • He recently got married to the beautiful Anushka Sharma after dating for a few years. He proclaims that he was never a hardworking and a fitness lover unless Anushka Sharma came into his life and changed everything.

I have never met Virat Kohli in my life, but I can do whatever it takes to meet him because I am a diehard fan of him and I am proud that the player that I love, is achieving great records in cricket.

By Vishakha