Short Essay on Nature

The world we live in is beautiful because of nature. Every innovation in technology has partially or completely come from naturally existing features. Nature provides humans and all animals with resources to survive on this planet. The origin of nature and life has been controversial between scientists and religious fundamentalist. Even though humans have caused toxic waste that is impossible to recycle, nature has a perfect way of recycling its waste.

Let us look into nature and how to conserve it.

  • As you know, water is life. Freshwater is one of the basic requirements in the life of a man. There is pollution of freshwater reserves like lakes and rivers. We should adopt means like harvesting rainwater and using less water irrigation through drip method.
  • The air we breathe has been mainly polluted especially in commercial urban areas than fresh rural areas. We should try to minimize this pollution by avoiding vehicles using fossil fuel and opting for electric ones and treating industrial fumes.
  • Forests are the habitats of wild animals and a source of scenic beauty. However, many people have cleared forests for wood, charcoal and search for farming land. Deforestation has resulted in reduced amounts of rainfall and a form of global warming. We should take part in re-afforestation and agro-forestry programs.
  • Among the resources of nature, the soil is hard to recycle. Erosion by either wind and water or human activities has resulted in less soil for the growth of crops. We should take care of this by planting many trees.
  • Oceans provide us with food and transport modes. However, oil spillage and plastic waste have polluted them, which causes the death of fish and whales. We should reduce pollution in our oceans and rivers that drain in them.
  • Numerous lakes and rivers are drying up due to encroachment and droughts in water catchment areas. Reducing deforestation and human encroachment is a way we can ensure that our rivers and lakes thrive in harmony.
  • We should also conserve wildlife by avoiding illegal poaching

Nature is not just part of us; it is we that are part of nature. Every action should be implemented to ensure that continuity of life is not affected. Malpractices that also ruin the Ozone should be avoided to avoid the pending danger.

By Winnie