Short Essay on Online Shopping and Its Features

Online shopping has revolutionized the shopping experience all over the globe. It is a form of electronic commerce allowing customers to purchase goods and services from a seller directly over the internet. However, it does takes work and some thought before venturing into e-commerce just like any other business.

Features of a Successful Online Shopping Store

  • Simple to use. Customers agree that one of the key characteristics they focus on when deciding which website to use when shopping is the ease of use of the website. This means that they can access the goods and services they want fast without unneeded difficulties.
  • Site Speed. A successful online store’s website should operate at maximum speed. A customer my discard a purchase due to slow loading speed of the website. Therefore, this is something to think about before opening an online store.
  • Mobile friendly. E-commerce sites should have features that are compatible with mobile phones. Most people do their purchases using phones. You can consider also coming up with a functional app mobile for your store.
  • Variety of payment options. Online stores should be able to accommodate various payment methods. Different people from different parts of the world shop online. A good online store should allow for at least the most common payment methods worldwide.
  • Customer reviews. The most disadvantageous part of online stores is that customers cannot physically touch or see the goods. Including a functionality for customer reviews gives the shoppers something to rely on as they can get information from previous customers about products.
  • High-resolution photos and videos. Clear and vivid images of the products from all angles and its packaging are vital to customers.
  • Security features. The site of an online store should be secure from cybercriminals as they can access sensitive information and at times customers may end up losing their money.


Online shopping is effortless and customers have a one to one exposure to a variety of goods and services which they can choose from. It is a lucrative business when planned for and executed in the right way. Some of the big online shopping companies include Amazon.

By Winnie