Short Essay on Pen – Meaning and Types

There are very slim chances that you can go through life without ever using a pen.

Meaning of Pen

Pens are essential writing instruments that function by using ink to leave a mark on a writing surface. History also provides information on some of the pens that our ancestors used in ancient times, so the use of pens is undoubtedly not new.

Types of Modern Pens

  • Fountain pen. It has a reservoir for water-based liquid The ink drops through a nib using capillary action and forces of gravity. The nib then provides the ink through a thin slit to the writing surface. The reservoir is refillable. Fountain pens can be ideal for either permanent or non-permanent ink.
  • Ballpoint pen. This type of pen is not only common but also reliable. It disburses ink-based oil by rolling a hard and small sphere made of brass, steel or tungsten carbide. This ink dries up instantly when in contact with the writing surface.
  • Rollerball Pen. It allows water-based liquid or gel ink using a ball tip akin to that of a ballpoint pen. The ink used is less viscous than oil-based ink. The writing paper easily absorbs it. The pen moves easily across a writing surface.
  • Felt-tip/ Marker. It comes with a fibrous porous tip. Depending on the marker’s size, they can be perfect for writing on paper, labeling, coloring or drawing.
  • Gel pen. Its ink is suspended in a water-based gel. The ink is visible on dark or slick surfaces because it is thicker and opaque compared to the ink used in ballpoint or marker pens.
  • Stylus Pen. Used in computing for inputting commands on a screen like a computer or mobile device.
  • Space Pen. Its design is special. It has a pressurized reservoir for ink. It is hermetically closed which allows it to write under any angle under water in the absence of gravity.


Pens are common all over the globe, and there are different manufacturers for different types and brands of pens. At a very affordable price, it is easy to acquire any type of pen.

By Winnie