Short Essay on Population

In demographic terms, the population is the number of human beings currently occupying the world. The population numbers are never constant and keep changing over time either towards the negative or the positive side. The change in population is the population growth. Several factors influence it.

Countries which have a stable economy and those in their early stages of economic development tend to have higher rates of population growth. People are attracted to migrate to such countries because with economic development there are employment and investment opportunities.

In countries where family planning methods are conventional, there is a low population growth rate. In the modern world, factors like the use of contraceptives and lifestyle have impacted fertility rates.

Some countries experience very high migration numbers that increase the rate of population growth. For states with strict laws on immigration, the population remains stagnant.

In developed countries where education is compulsory, there is a relatively low population growth rate. That is because young adults spend their time in school hence there is no time to engage in early marriage and bear children. They focus on their career after that.

Countries that thrive in agriculture have a high population growth rate due to employment opportunities, economic development and a stable supply of food.

As population growth rates change, it is essential for there to be some regulation. Neither under population nor overpopulation is suitable and a balance in between the two is necessary.

By Winnie