Short Essay on Positive Attitude

Having and maintaining a positive attitude involves much more than just turning life’s lemons into lemonade, and it does not mean being oblivious to the challenges in life. It takes hard work and effort just like achieving anything else in life would require. It is not a surprising thing that attitude affects the outcome of your life, how you approach things and your relations with people because the mind is a powerful tool.

There are several ways to develop a positive attitude and maintain it.

  • Have a morning routine. The way you start your morning automatically sets the mood for the rest of your day. Your morning routine should boost your attitude and energize your mind, body, and spirit to go through the day.
  • Feed your mind with positivity. Like the wise men say, birds of a feather flock together. Stay away from negative people and environments lest you find yourself sailing in the same boat of negativity. Instead, feed your mind with positive thoughts by reading inspirational books, listening to positive music and engaging in conversations with positive people.
  • Enjoy the small pleasures in life. Big pleasures like promotions do not come every day, but there are straightforward victories to relish. With a positive attitude, things like sunsets could fill you with great joy.
  • Smile often. This will boost your attitude and keep you in a good mood. Smiling leads to the release of the feel-good hormones, endorphins. A good mood translates into positive thinking.
  • Develop a Zen attitude. Take situations in life as learning opportunities instead of wondering why certain things happen to you.
  • Be proactive. A proactive person dictates his or her feelings despite the circumstances. Be proactive and choose a positive attitude.
  • Revamp your mindset. Your thoughts directly affect your attitude. Change your mindset to a positive one, and you will have a positive attitude.


All in all, things do happen in life, and we cannot dictate our circumstances. However, we can dictate which attitude to approach life with. Dare to live your life fully embracing a positive attitude.

By Winnie