Short Essay on Potato and Its Types


When people talk about potatoes, they mostly refer to the edible tuber, but potato can be the plant as well. Potatoes are starchy tuberous crops. They were first introduced in Europe by the Spanish in the second half of the sixteenth century. Today, there are many varieties of potatoes being grown all over the world.

Types of Potatoes

  • Russet Potatoes. They are usually in medium to large sizes. Russet potatoes have a brown skin that feels dry when you touch. They also have an earthy Russet potatoes are great for making French fries as well as the baked and mashed potatoes.
  • Yellow Potatoes. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from medium to very large. They are round in shape, have waxy skin, are very light and have a dull yellow color. Yellow potatoes are very cheap making them ideal for a budget meal.
  • Red Potatoes. They are smaller than russets and are red. Red potatoes are ideal for soups and stews as they do not fluff up so quickly. You can also use them to make potato salads and can be baked or fried.
  • White Potatoes. They usually are not small and are starchier than the yellow potatoes. White potatoes have a thin sweet skin which makes it possible to mash them without peeling.
  • Purple Potatoes. They are the darkest and most singular of all potatoes. Most people avoid using them in meals because of their color and lack of knowledge about them.
  • Fingerling Potatoes. The shape of fingerling potatoes is different from the other potatoes. They are popular because of their long and skinny shape.
  • Petite Potatoes. They are of the same class as red, white, yellow and purple potatoes. However, they are much smaller in size hence the name. Petite potatoes are easy to roast and can be perfect for stews and soups.


For a good number of countries, potatoes happen to be their staple food. They constitute an integral part of the food supply in the world. Potatoes are highly nutritious, easy to prepare and cost friendly.

By Winnie