Short Essay on Poverty and Its Causes


Poverty is the lack of variant resources for well-being as well as the living. Many people in different countries have found it quite challenging to overcome. The primary way to overcome poverty is ensuring that you make monetary transactions. Statistics show that approximately more than half of the world population usually lives below $2.50 a day.

Causes of Poverty

  • Unemployment. Lack of a job means that one does not earn. It will lead to one not being able to meet the basic needs.
  • This is a consistent increase in the price of goods as well as services in an economy over a specified period. If the prices rise, it means that the unit currency will purchase less the amount of goods or services it was acquiring. As the income remains constant, it will lead to a lack of some essentials goods.
  • Climate Change. World Bank has estimated that over the next few years, it will push some people to extreme poverty. There is a significant portion which usually relies on agriculture.
  • Poor Education. In most countries, for you to have a job, you will need specific skills which will mean you have to go to school. Lack of these skills will lead to unemployment which will also lead to poverty.
  • Countries or even regions with fights means that most people will not have any economic activity to engage in as they will be moving to run away from it hence not generating income leading to poverty.
  • This is a criminal activity undertaken by a person that has in authority. People misuse some funds that are meant to be used to improve the living conditions.
  • Epidemic Diseases. Diseases such as AIDS, makes people weak and there are not able to work. That means they won’t be productive and hence won’t earn enough money to sustain them.


In the recent days, we have seen inequality between the rich and poor increase. Many organizations, both the public and private are doing a lot to address this. The means they are using includes increase in the literacy level and also agriculture.

By Winnie