Short Essay on Rain – Meaning and Importance


Rain is one of the most critical natural occurrences. Scientifically speaking, rain is liquid water that has condensed from water vapor in the atmosphere. When the condensed vapor becomes heavy enough to defy the law of gravity, we experience rain. Excess rain is, however, harmful as it leads to floods and destruction of property. However, the good outweighs the bad as the water cycle is mostly dependent on rain.

Importance of Rain

  • Rain is the primary source of water which is fundamental for the survival of all living things. Life would not be possible without it.
  • As a fresh, natural source of water, rain is needed for drinking by both human beings and animals.
  • It adds the water volume in water reserves like rivers, lakes, oceans, springs, dams, and Without rainwater, all these other sources would dry out.
  • Rain waters the world’s natural forests. It is unlikely that you would ever find people continually watering forests because of their remote location and vast area occupation. Rain sorts this out, and from the water, forest trees can remain evergreen and in a healthy state.
  • Rainwater is also a source of energy. The hydropower technique uses rainwater to produce electrical power. That provides a renewable source of energy.
  • Rain helps in agriculture to water the plants and is a source of water in irrigation schemes. Water is a critical factor when it comes to agriculture hence rain plays a very key role here. Prosperous agricultural areas are in turn able to produce food for humanity.
  • It is also useful in the construction industry when it comes to mixing the building materials.


The world would be an imaginable place without rain. Besides the listed merits of rainwater, it is also a beautiful thing to look at, producing extraordinary natural events like thunderstorms and lightning. It also has a calming and relaxing effect. Therefore, rain should not be taken for granted and environmental factors like industrial pollution of the air should be avoided to prevent the formation of acid rain and thus keeping the rainwater pure as it should be.

By Winnie