Short Essay on Reading Makes a Man Perfect

Reading Makes a Man Perfect

Reading makes a man perfect because reading and learning go hand in hand. The knowledge one acquires from reading a variety of materials is intense. People who read a lot tend to know more about life and are smarter when it comes to things like making decisions and handling situations. It may not be possible for one to “know it all,” but a lot of reading brings man close to perfection.

Reasons why reading makes a man perfect

  • Boost imagination and creativity. Reading requires you to be visual. By reading, you expose your mind to a world of imagination, and you get to see things from a different angle.
  • It connects the brain. The reading process requires silence and a serene environment. Reading connects directly to the brain as you seek for more understanding and clarity. The brain is focused and clear in a silent state.
  • It builds a solid foundation for communication. Reading connects you to the world and helps you to acquire communication skills as you understand more about different things. Communication is an essential tool and is enhanced by reading.
  • Gaining experience from other people. When reading, you will get to learn from the experiences of other people. That improves different skills in life like decision making.
  • Improve understanding. With more reading comes more understanding as you continue to pump your brain with information. For example, when reading a book on politics, the more one reads the book, the more he or she will gain more knowledge of the
  • Self-improvement. Reading is an important thing when you want to create a better version of yourself. It helps one understand things better and see the world from a different view.
  • It is an exposure to new things. Different writers write about different topics and experiences. Through reading, you get exposure to new ideologies and information. That, in turn, leads to an exploration into various new areas.


Materials for reading are a great source of knowledge and entertainment also. Children should learn reading skills at an early age for them to start acquiring knowledge for themselves earlier in life.

By Winnie