Short Essay on Recycling


Recycling involves the process of converting waste materials into new products that are of value too. It is a valid measure when it comes to the conservation of fossil fuels and an alternative to waste disposal as the world approaches a greener way of living. Recycling happens to be part of the now used hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Some recycling challenges

  • Lack of education and adequate information about recycling. People cannot practice what they do not know and understand. Lack of knowledge on what recycling is all about proving to be a big challenge.
  • Expensive services. Some people back away from recycling because some services are too costly for them. In some countries, payments on pick up services for example of plastic bottles are on a daily basis which is costly for some people.
  • Inadequate services. In some areas, there isn’t much help when it comes to recycling for example lack of recycling factories. Therefore, people wonder what to do with the material.
  • Lack of support from the government. In some areas, the government chooses to attend to much more pressing issues than investing in recycling.
  • Startup costs. The costs to begin recycling is a bit costly and may be heavy in some countries.
  • Lack of alternative recycling options. For example, in some areas, there might not be any other alternative to recycling bottles. Therefore, the people throw them away as waste.
  • It is a problem because the council governments sometimes do not involve the community in policymaking regarding recycling. It is vital for the society to be part of the task. That is because when they feel like they are part of a winning solution, the recycling program works better.


Some countries have adopted the recycling routine, and this has primarily reduced environmental pollution by reducing the amount of waste. Every individual should take up the mantle and start recycling, from the house to the workplace and every other place. Behaviors rub off on people, and it is easier to convince the rest of society to do something if you are already doing it. Recycling is not hard and is very beneficial. Once practiced and put into place, it is straightforward to transition into the recycling way of life.

By Winnie