Short Essay on Role of Media

The role of media in shaping morals and democracy of a country can never be underrated. Media has become a powerful tool, especially in the developing countries. It has helped in promoting the right things and created a certain conversation towards making the society a better place to live. Media is all around us, and this can be witnessed through Television, listening to the radio, reading newspapers, journal, etc.

Here are the roles of the media:

  • Communication: The primary role of media is communication. It does allow information to flow from one person to another. The information flow can either through the phones, radio and the television.
  • Accountability: It creates awareness of any malpractice by the mighty including the government. Media accountability is what has made the most government transparent.
  • Entertainment: From the various movies on television, different reality as well as talent shows, magazines, and the social media. They not only bring content that is fun to watch but also, which is very informative.
  • Socialization: The different characters in movies and television shows have affected behavior and the culture of people that affect the family as well as the societal relations.
  • Awareness and Sensitization: Local radio usually reaches to the people even in the rural areas and also the vulnerable groups. Creating awareness on the different programs usually mostly benefits them.
  • Platform Role: The media usually gives a platform to different groups so as they voice their concerns. In most cases, they address most of the concerns as soon as possible.
  • Advertisement: Many companies have used the media to advertise the different products that they have. In essence, this goes on to increase the sales that they have and hence the expansion of a company.


Media has become a powerful tool in the world. Many people have taken advantage of the same to bring revolution in many countries and change the way people do things. It has become effortless to access information via the many platforms that are available.

By Winnie