Short Essay on Safety at School

Safety at school creates a conducive environment for the children to learn. It also does promote both social as well as creative learning. Here are some of the rules to observe to improve the safety of children at school.

Rules for the School Safety

  • Learning School’s Emergency Procedures. The emergency plans as well as phone numbers are mostly included in the school handbooks and also posted in the classrooms. Ensuring you are familiar with the emergency information boosts the child confidence when it comes to handling emergency situations.
  • Knowing the travel routes to and from school. Ensure that as a parent and your child/children, they know both the alternate as well as the primary routes. Sometimes roadblocks arise hence the importance of having a backup plan.
  • Follow School safety rules. Among the measures is signing visitor book or even walking with a visitor’s card. Signing one set an excellent example for the kids.
  • Have a detailed discussion with your child on safety. Be clear on the things that they should observe such as a funny feeling or even fear. Explain also what they need to do if they don’t feel safe.
  • Inform the school of any emotional or even health concerns. That is irrespective of if the child has a food allergy or even a physical disability. It is important to ensure you inform the administration regarding any worries that you may have.
  • Be part of the decision making process. Any time you have fears or see signs that your child may not be safe wherever they may be, it is essential to communicate with the administration. In return, they will do something to change that.
  • Promoting Safe Internet Usage. One of the most critical tasks is regulating the content of the kid’s access from the internet while at school.


A safe learning environment ensures that the kids can be able to learn with no much interruption. Without this, this kids will lose so much concentration, and they won’t perform very well when it comes to the exams and even the co-curricular activities.

By Winnie