Short Essay on Sanitation – Meaning and Types

Meaning of Sanitation

Sanitation is a term that refers to public health conditions. They mostly involve drinking water and the adequate and disposal of the human excreta and sewage as well. Part of the sanitation is preventing contact of human and the excreta and sewage.

Types of Sanitation

  • Basic Sanitation. Its purpose is to improve sanitation facilities which are for one household only. The opposite of this is Limited Sanitation Service. It is the utilization of improved sanitation facilities which are personal and not for two or even more homes.
  • Container-based This is mainly a sanitation system where one collects the human excreta in sealable containers. What follows is their transportation to the treatment facilities. Some people deliver the exercise as a service that does involve the provision of portable toilets.
  • Community Led Sanitation. An approach that aims to achieve change in the rural areas. It utilizes the process of creating awareness that leads to the abandonment of the open defecation practices.
  • Dry Sanitation. This term is not a common method as far as its usage is concerned. In addition to that, it is not well-defined. It usually refers to the use of a dry toilet with no sewers that are going to transport the excreta.
  • Ecological Sanitation. Its abbreviation is usually ecosan. It is an approach that has a characteristic of the desire to be able to close the loop between the sanitation and the agriculture more safely.
  • Emergency Sanitation. It has always been a requirement in situations such as emergencies. That does include the occurrences of the natural disasters and for the relief of the refugees and the internally displaced persons.
  • Environmental Sanitation. It encompasses control of the ecological factors that have a relationship with the disease transmission. The subsets of this category do include solid waste management and wastewater treatment.


Lack of sanitation will lead to the occurrence of waterborne diseases. In most cases, sanitation problems often occur in the developing countries. Many organizations have teamed up with the main of addressing such issues. Among them is ensuring that there is the treatment of drinking water.

By Winnie