Short Essay on Science and Its Types


Science is a huge subject that can be broken down into the various units including physical science, earth science, and life science. While there is a lot to learn when it comes to science, knowing the differences between each type of science is very important most especially for a student.

Types of Science

  • Life Science. This mostly contains anything that is living and most especially, it includes people. Plants and animals. Also, it includes bacteria and the viruses.
  • This has different units in it. They include Anatomy: deals with form as well as the function of plants and animals, Cell Biology: Study of the cell as a unit and Chronobiology: deals with the cyclical phenomena in living animals and the environment.
  • This is mainly the study of plants. In this field, there are several areas that one can specialize in. These areas usually include Bryology: Study of mosses. Another one is Dendrology the Study of the woody plants and mycology which is the study of fungi and the other plants.
  • Focuses on how the organisms frequently interact with the environment. The branches in this field include Autecology: Study of the single species within the ecosystem, Ecophysiology: focuses on adaptations of the individual within its environments.
  • Science that aims to heal. Here, there are branches such as Endocrinology. It studies the endocrine system and also diagnoses as well as treats diseases. Gerontology then focuses on the aging process and Immunology that deals with the immune system.
  • It mainly focuses on the study of organisms. Many of this are extremely small and they can never be seen with naked eyes but only through the microscope. Branches in it include Aerobiology and also bacteriology.
  • Focuses on studying animals and its behaviors. Also, this does include animal physiology, behavior as well as development. The branches in it include Cetology and entomology.


Many kinds of sciences have played a huge role in the growth of animals and plants. They have in many instances helped to foresee and prevent the occurrence of different plaques. Understanding science will help in dealing with day to day activities.

By Winnie