Short Essay on Social Media and Its Types

Social Media

Social Media is an interactive computer-aided technology that does facilitate creation as well as the sharing of information, job interests and other forms of the expression via the virtual communities as well as the networks. The users usually access the social media services through the web-based tech either on the desktop, laptops or even the mobile devices.

Types of Social Media

  • Social Networks. The main purpose of using this is usually to connect with the people that are Also, this technologies will help in promoting your business. E.g., Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Media Sharing Networks. Most people usually use this media to share their photos or even the videos. That assists the people as well as the brand to easily find a place where they can easily share media online, and this usually includes the photos, live video, and the videos. g., Instagram, YouTube
  • Discussion Forums. The networks are used to be able to find, discuss or even share news information as well as the opinions. They are ideal for the market research. They include Reddit, Digg as well as Quora.
  • Bookmarking and the content curation networks. Most people usually use this to save, share and discover any trending topics. The business can use them when it comes to the brand awareness as well as the website traffic. They include Pinterest and the Flipboard.
  • Consumer Review Networks. People use this to find and review any brands or even the products. By doing that, they help other customers who may not have similar information. They include Zomato and the TripAdvisor.
  • Blogging and publishing networks. These are forums for publishing, discovering and also commenting on the online content. They can range from the traditional platforms such as WordPress to medium.
  • Social Shopping Networks. People use this to be able to spot any trend or even follow brands. They usually make the e-commerce more engaging by being able to add the social element.


Social media if well utilized can help the society to grow. However, at the same time, if people share bad content online, it can spoil the society.

By Winnie