Short Essay on True Value of Life

True Value of Life

We face tough times each day testing our skills and creativity when we try to find the true value of life. We are required to make decisions in the positions we hold in life which consequently bring out positive or negative results. You should, therefore, have values to guide you on how you react to things and the ones that govern you on the best path to follow. Life may not have a meaning unless you add some value to it.

Let’s discuss the true value of life.

  • We should focus on the things that only make us happy in life. Although they are essential, external measures of success like cars and houses as well as creating more wealth are not the true values of life.
  • You have made mistakes before. We all have since no one is perfect. How you handle the past depends on what your future may look like. You should avoid regretting and utilize every minute of your life.
  • Do you do things to please others or do you stand for your true self? We should learn to be confident about ourselves, say the things we want to and do as we feel is right for us. By doing this, life will have a true
  • Happiness in life depends or how content you feel about a situation. You should always be happy and not wait till you have achieved all your goals.
  • Learn to love yourself and other people. You should share what you have and see the joy that comes with it.
  • Living a life of purpose gives true value to life. Everyone has special abilities and talents that can make them shine in this life.
  • Follow your true personal values. Be sure to accomplish big things when you abide by your integrity and principles.


Being true to yourself brings out the true value of life. Everyone makes a wish to achieve or acquire something. However, we cannot get everything we dream of and hence we need to plot our preferences. Although we dream differently, most people wish for some common things, but the order of preference depends with personal values.

By Winnie