Short Essay on Value of Books

Value of Books

Many readers still enjoy the paperwork compiled read which brings a sensation of ancient works. Let us discuss the value of books.

  • Reading a book increases a person’s intelligence. No doubt about Exposing children to books at an early age helps them to acquire proper reading skills. Also, reading many books makes the learner familiar with the world and many concepts of writing.
  • From reading books of fiction, you develop empathy to understand other people’s minds. You can related situations and appreciate them.
  • Do you have a bad memory? If you are, you should probably opt for reading books. Studies argue that books help the mind by working out your brains while at the same time making you sharp.
  • By physically turn over the pages, you have a chance of comprehending the subject more than when using an electronic media. The feel of the page equips the reader with more understanding and reduces your chances of forgetting.
  • Could you be stressed and you want to avoid it? The value of a book comes in this context. Research shows that many stress related problems can be solved by reading. It is therefore essential to read a book and relax your brain.
  • Books are a source of entertainment. They are cheaper means of entertainment than videos games and films. You tend to have fun while reading and expand your knowledge at the same time.


The value of books cannot be exhausted because it is clear that they are the means of communicating new ideas and providing knowledge. The wisdom, experience and critical thinking found in books are essentials required in life. Therefore, the value of books will always be contingent.

By Winnie