Short Essay on Value of Computer

We are living in an era whereby the computer technology has simplified things. There is computerization of almost everything in all spheres of life. Communication, learning, and governance have improved over the last three decades by use of computer systems.

A computer is a term that refers to an electronic device that uses programs to process data or information. These set of rules applies to mobile devices, robots, and other machines. Let’s take a look at the value of a computer to a human environment.

Value of computer

  • How many times do people use a computer? Almost uncountable. Most likely you have used it to send information. Computer aids in the transfer of messages and documents from one user to the other. It has improved communication through video conversations which allow people to see each other irrespective of distance and location.
  • The value of a computer in education cannot be underrated. Many people use e-books and other formats to study from the internet. Some are also using computers to pursue courses through distance or e-learning portals.
  • Computers are also conventional in the business They can keep track of records and inventory rather than the manual procedures. They also produce and store billings for customers as well as business security such as CCTV. Computers assist business people to market their products online and reach potential buyers.
  • Have you booked a tour of late? You will access your desired destination by booking directly to your hotel of choice unlike when you needed travel agents. You are also able to compare many facilities through computers before booking a reservation.
  • Reduction of paperwork is another benefit of a computer. Any stored data becomes easily accessible by clicking a search engine and results found within seconds.
  • Governments have adopted the use of computer technology to ensure service delivery to citizens. They can enforce some activities like tax compliance through their websites.


Computer technology has brought a revolution to the tedious and complicated life by making all processes efficient. Each value of computer-human interaction has encouraged more innovations which have replaced human effort with the machine. You will always see the value of a computer every time you use it.

By Winnie