Short Essay on Value of Time for Students

Time is the most expensive treasure we experience. Any time that you waste is unrecoverable, and therefore students should utilize every bit of it. Those who save time will never come to a conflict with their parents and teachers. The Value of time for students is often an underestimated thing. Let us discuss them!

The Value of time for students

  • Only one year or less is allocated for students to finish their syllabus and do many assignments. They also do final exams later. Students who see the value of the time and cooperate perform better than those who wait until the exam is due to start reading.
  • The value of time assigned to every exam paper is crucial. A student may have learned a lot but fail to answer all questions for ignoring time.
  • Students have a lot of things to do at home and in school. They should value the time they have and manage it according to priorities. Most important things should be done first by preparing schedules. Students can write a timetable to cover many areas.
  • When teachers give homework to students, they allow ample time for them to finish. Some students use their time wisely and complete in advance. Others fail to meet the deadline and lose many marks. Students should value every second they have.
  • As a student, do you want to reduce exam anxiety and build confidence? All you have to do is create value for the time you have. Many students spend their time having fun and later get stressed over the examinations. Those who invest in the time to do some tasks that are beneficial end up with a lot of content during exams.
  • Value of time for students may be unrealizable when students have uncontrolled behaviors. Students may stream through the internet or play video games all the time after class. It is hard to recover this precious time.


As seen above, the value of time is priceless. Proper time management will enhance learning. Therefore, encourage students to take activities that add value to their academic life rather than waste time.


By Winnie