Short Essay on My Favorite Animal (Dog)

My Favorite Animal (Dog)

There are thousands of varieties of animals all around the world, but still, there is very less number of animals which are loved by human beings. One point I am sure about is that people all around the world love my favorite animal dog. How can one not fall in love with such a great category of animals? There are many breeds available of dogs, and one can choose from them to keep them as a pet. However, if anybody doesn’t want a pet, still it can be seen that dogs are the best among the rest of the animals. Here are a few facts about dogs:

  • All the burglars hate dogs, and it can be seen by various researches being done throughout the world. Burglars say that they like to skip the house that has a dog due to the fear of being bitten or due to the fear that if the dog gets a sneak of them, the dog will bark due to which the rest of the house members will be awake, and the theft will never happen.
  • Dogs are very loyal animals, and if once they are fed by you, they will show their loyalty by helping you in case you are in a problem where they can help.
  • Feeding dogs are not expensive at all, they can eat your leftover foods as well and if you have are a great lover of dogs, and you will know that if proper care of their food is taken, then also it doesn’t cost much.
  • Keeping dogs as pets have a few health benefits as if children are grown with dogs as pets, chances of Asthma and other allergies are very less.
  • It has been discovered by lots of scientists that people in love with dogs and pet dogs especially have minor health problems than any other individual.

Above written points can make anyone fall in love with dogs, and that is why a person like me, who hated dogs firstly, has a craze of keeping dogs as pets or feedings dogs anyways, now.

By Vishakha