A Visit to a Hill Station – Short Essay

Last year, in June I went for a visit to the hill stations named Gaddigaon and Zuluk, which is located in the East Sikkim. During June, it was utterly monsoon in East Sikkim. That was a fantastic feeling while experiencing the monsoon weather of the hill stations with my husband and that was a truly memorable trip for us. It was frequently raining throughout the day along with the cold and misty weather. Drenching in the rain waters in that cold weather was an inexpressible feeling. All the places were covered with clouds and mists, and there was the expansion of greenery all around the hills.

In Gaddigaon, we stayed in a resort, from where we had a mesmerizing view of the range of mountains covered with clouds. In the resort, there was a small sitting area, beautifully decorated with the crafted wooden benches and a hut-like shade of straw and bamboo, where we used to sit for long and enjoy the pleasure of watching the mighty ranges of the Kanchenjunga Mountains covered with clouds. During the night it was really amazing to view the glittering lower valley of the entire East Sikkim. From Gaddigaon on the way to Zuluk, we encountered several mesmerizing waterfalls and scenic beauty of the mountains and clouds which left us spellbound. It was an entirely new experience the beauty monsoon in the hills. Though the old silk route to Zuluk was quite risky and accident-prone yet it was an outstanding feel of adventure while exploring the old silk route. We took some beautiful snaps of the beauty of monsoon in the hills and even daringly drenched in the chilled waters of the flowing waterfalls.

It was an enjoyable feeling to watch the flow of waterfalls through the mountains into the rivers. The experience of the visit to the hill station is remarkable for us which laid down a series of memories in our busy robotic mind. It was pleasure-seeking and refreshing leisure that laid an impression of sweet memories in our hearts.

By Vishakha