A Visit to A Museum – Short Essay

A visit to a museum was an exciting and knowledgeable experience for me when I had a visit to the Indian Museum with my friends at Kolkata in West Bengal. We all knew previously that the Indian Museum was built during the British rule and was referring to as the Imperial Museum at Kolkata. The State Government of West Bengal well maintained the entire building of Indian Museum along with the gardens. The museum has the collection of antiques, rare armor, and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, historical paintings, and mummies. It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal.

Visiting all the six sections of the Indian Museum was a fascinating subject to me that influenced me to gather more knowledge and learn about the different scientific artifacts and cultural discoveries. To name the six section of the museum are Art, Anthropology, Geology, Archaeology, Zoology, and Economic Botany. The most interesting for me was to visit the Zoology and Archaeology section. The most exciting and thrilling was to see the Egyptian mummy which is about 4000 years old. It was amazing to look at the skeletons of the elephants, dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs, etc. which have got extinct and the frames of the extinct species of the Neolithic age. It was a fantastic feeling to see the original stone imprint of Buddha’s foot, Ashok Stambha, the fossil skeleton of prehistoric animals, the Buddha’s ashes, and a collection of meteorites. In the painting gallery of the museum, there are magnificent paintings of Indian miniatures like Persian, Rajasthani, Mughals, Pahari Paintings, etc.

All these paintings are a masterpiece in its individuality. After trolling the entire museum and experiencing the many unknown artifacts, we became rich in knowledge. It was a pleasant experience to explore the vast repository of an enormous collection of domestic and international exhibits that are spread across the museum.

By Vishakha