A Visit to A Zoo (Zoological Garden) – Short Essay

In the last winter, I went for a visit to a Zoo (Zoological Garden) with my entire family including my niece and nephews who are quite younger to me. It was an enjoyable visit for me by experiencing the excitement of my small niece and nephews. We visited the Alipore Zoological Garden at Kolkata in West Bengal. There we have come across the different spices of animal, birds, reptiles, etc. and even beautiful gardens that is quite well-maintained by the Government. The most exciting for me was to watch the different spices of colorful birds that migrate from different countries during the winter season. It was an eye treat to watch the beautiful peacocks and peahens that are quite well maintained by the zoological department.

Most importantly we have also seen the tigers and lions, but they were not so fierce and lively to look at. Apart from these, we have also visited the cage of monkeys, chimpanzee, and baboons that were funny and friendly. The children of my family enjoyed immensely with these monkeys and chimpanzees that created a memorable moment for all of us. After watching these animals, we went to watch the cuddling Himalayan Bears, the vast crocodiles and alligators, different spices of fox and hyenas, the leopards, porcupine, the giraffe, the pouchy Kangaroo, the zebras, the mighty elephants and several specious of snakes. The zoological garden was previously home to the now extinct Aldabra giant tortoise that was more than 250 years old. We were lucky to see such kinds of giant tortoises but not Adwaita.

It was exhilarating to watch the captive breeding Manipur Brow-Antlered deer which is an essential attraction of tourist. The white Fallow deer is also an area of attraction for the zoo visitors. With the accumulation of all the experiences of watching the wild animals, it was a refreshing and exciting visit to the zoological garden during the winters. It was a pleasure to watch the excitement of the children while watching the different kinds of wild animals and birds in the zoo.

By Vishakha