Adolescence Is an important Period of Life – Paragraph

Adolescence is the best period of life! Or is it really? Developmental psychology tells us it is definitely not an easy phase of anyone’s life. But we can learn to enjoy it and make the best out of it if we lead this phase with Awareness.

Why Adolescence is such an important period of life?

  • During adolescence our body and mind undergo huge changes that can be frightening. But we can learn to be curious instead of afraid.
  • At this time, we are no more children but still not adult. This often causes identity crisis. But, again, if we can dig deeper into our own mind and heart during adolescent turmoil, we can have an intriguing experience of self-discovery.
  • In adolescence, we begin feeling the flutters of opposite gender attraction and this can be a good time to learn more about relationships, and more.
  • Adolescence often tests our patience, with parents and adults not understanding us. This too can become a big learning process in communication, patience and resilience.

People often try project adolescence period as a fairy tale period, which it is clearly not. But we can turn it into one of the few enriching, and hence best, periods of our lives by navigating our adolescent years with curiosity, openness and kindness towards ourselves.

By Vishakha