Benefits of Living in a Small Town – Short Essay

In the current age, the urban and metropolitan life is quite busy for every kind of demographic profile, be it men, women or children. The majority of the population desires to lead the urban life for enjoying all the available facilities. But people are interested in spending their leisure in the rural areas with relaxation in the fresh air. Keeping aside this contradiction, people who live in a small town enjoys both the facilities of living in an urban and rural area.

Small towns have less traffic and pollution than the urban areas and the metropolitan cities. The population in the small town is also limited with fewer numbers of people than the urban areas. The life in a small town tends to be very simple and pollution-free that indicates a healthy life for the residents of a small town.

Thus below mentioned are few benefits of living in a small town:

  1. The environment has very less pollution where people can inhale fresh air.
  2. The traffic encountered in very less which eases in traveling from one place to another.
  3. The network between the people becomes stronger due to the territorial vicinity.
  4. The pace of people’s life is slower than the metropolitans which enable the people to spend quality time with their family.
  5. The environment is safe for raising a family with lower crime levels.
  6. The average lifespan of the people in a small town is more than the people living in larger cities.
  7. People are prone to live a healthier, safer, and happier life due to the simplicity and closeness among the neighbors.
  8. The cost-of-living is lower which increases the savings in family life tending towards a secured and hassle-free retired life.
  9. There are lesser temptations to spend money due to in-availability of big shopping malls, branded stores, multiplexes, etc.
  10. There is the availability of more opportunities with fewer challenges and competition.

Thus several benefits can be listed for living in a small town, which ensures the concrete building of relationship among the residents of a small town.

By Vishakha