Essay on Media: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Media

Media simply means a mode of mass communication. It can however have a number of other definitions.

Media can also be referred to as a channel for delivering communication or even a means of communication that can influence people’s decisions and thoughts.

Media is a collective noun for the press. It is aimed at ensuring information gets to the people and has many different ways of doing this for example through the press, cinema, television and radio.

Advantages of media

  • Through the media we are able to get education on a number of topics like environment.
  • The media is a great source of entertainment.
  • Media creates awareness on certain sensitive issues.
  • Through media we get live news of what is happening all over the world.
  • Media helps in fighting crime and corruption through investigations done by reporters.
  • The media carries out advertisements hence boosting the sales of many organizations.
  • Media help people learn cultures and religions from other places and appreciate them.
  • Media is widely accessible and faster compared to other forms of communication.
  • Some forms of media allow you to get assistance through sharing your issues with them.
  • Media provides an opportunity for anyone to show their talents worldwide.
  • Media boosts connection among people from different places.
  • Media helps people form their own opinions regarding certain issues through gathering more and more information.
  • Media incorporates the people and society when gathering information hence the people are part of the media and they do not feel left out.
  • Media helps keep the government in check as any form of corruption or bad practices will be shown to the people.
  • Media helps to boost creativity and innovation among our children through the knowledge it imparts on them.

Disadvantages of media

  • Some forms of media may be expensive to access for some people hence limiting information.
  • Sometimes the media gives distorted information hence confusing people.
  • Media can sometimes indirectly act as catalysts to acts that cause division and disunity.
  • Media requires the support of people to function efficiently.
  • Media may cause children to start associating with certain bad groups hence ruining their future.
  • Media can be addictive at times as people cannot miss certain programs or shows.
  • Media usually has a lot of advertisements which can be very annoying at times.
  • Sometimes the media may show inappropriate content or shows not suitable for children of certain ages.
  • Media may have an effect on the social life of certain individuals as they prefer staying in the house and watching television instead of going out and meeting people.
  • Media may have adverse health issues on children such as headaches and eye problems due to watching too much television or being on the internet too much.
  • To give a great news or story media might go to great lengths and hence may ignore most of the truth behind the story.
  • Media can be used as a source of fraudulent acts and scams where advertisements on newspapers are not thoroughly investigated.


The media is a great source of information and knowledge despite the disadvantages. They help promote great talents and catch the corrupt and hence should be appreciated.

However, action should be taken to control any inappropriate shows or advertisements to keep the young generation safe and growing positively.

By: Darlia.