Paragraph on Kite and its Importance

Kite is a toy made out of thin colorful paper and thread and is used for flying in the sky as a leisure and fun activity.

In India, kite flying is much popular and played by all ages, all genders and communities.

The importance of Kite is as follows —

  • Not just in India, but young boys from various parts of the whole world love this activity.
  • Various cultures hold a range of kite flying competitions where the specially prepared strings of two competing kites rub against each other, one cutting off another and thus winning.
  • Kites should be played from safe, ground level, as often young boys fly kites from the roof tops and accidentally fall down into the streets, while following the opponents’ kites.
  • The festival of kite flying is celebrated in different parts of our country on Makar Sankraanti with much pomp, spending huge amounts of money in kite-flying just in one day.

India is a colorful country and the fervor of flying colorful kites on kaleidoscopic cultural festive days go well with our spirit and zeal. But we need to care for safety precautions and also not waste too much money on mere kites, where there are so many people living in poverty and malnutrition in our country.

By Vishakha