Paragraph on Life Lessons – Meaning and Importance

Life Lessons – Meaning

Life lessons can be defined as the valuable practical and spiritual lessons living our lives from childhood through adulthood and right up to older age brings us by default. Every living human life encounters challenges and accumulates life lessons through them. No one alive is spared this process in the wise school of Life.

Importance of Life lessons is as follows –

  • Life lessons make us wise, mature, humbler and knowing.
  • As we progress from infancy to old age, over the years we accumulate a great wealth of lessons by simply living our daily lives.
  • Our challenges, adversity, pain and battles in life are the priceless bearers of life lessons. We receive our lessons through dealing with these.
  • No great man, including wise people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa or any Enlightened Souls such as Buddha or Jesus was spared their life lessons. Even the Great Spiritual Masters had to learn their life lessons.
  • The way we look at life’s challenges determine how quickly, easily or painfully we accept, understand and internalize our life lessons.
  • Humility, patience, kindness, compassion, honesty, authenticity, unity consciousness and humaneness are some of the common lessons life teaches us through our experience.

Life lessons look tough, scary or bad but it is not true. Life lessons make us better and stronger human beings and help us achieve our full human potential. We must learn to accept our Life lessons as a blessing.

By Vishakha