Paragraph on ‘Life without Mathematics’

Life without mathematics is simply impossible to imagine! Howmuchever we may dislike math lessons, algebra, trigonometry and arithmetic, yet modern life will come to a stand still without math. We need math at every step of every day life.

An imaginary life without mathematics would be as follows:

  1. There would be no numbers, or number system, so calculating or counting would become impossible.
  2. Language too will suffer, as we won’t be able to describe “how many” bananas we want or the “number” of birds we saw.
  3. Simple grocery billing, computing, taxes, banking chores and more will cease to exist.
  4. Without numbers, no watches nor calendars would exist. So we won’t know the time, the date, our birthdays, our age and more.
  5. High level scientific calculations too would not be there, so no technological advancements would be possible.
  6. Life without mathematics would mean a world completely devoid of medical science, rocket science, astrophysics and space science. NASA, CERN, ISRO and so on would go extinct.
  7. The entire cosmos would stop existing, as the whole observable Universe is built on numbers and mathematical series called the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci quotient.

Existence of mathematics is intrinsic to not just human lives, but the entire process of the Universe. We find mathematical equations right from the sea shell to plant geometry to the ratio of galaxies showing very precise mathematical components. So life without mathematics would mean no one or nothing exists.

By Vishakha