Paragraph on Make Hay While the Sun Shines

‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is a proverb or old saying in English. A proverb can be defined as a popular, old and short saying that holds a valuable life lesson, a wise idea or an advice inside it. This proverb here means that we should always try utilize the time and opportunities to accomplish something while the conditions are working favorably. The proverb teaches us the following:

  • It teaches us to not procrastinate important chores or working on our goals.
  • It tells us that opportunity and external situations don’t remain consistent always. Life is always changing.
  • It teaches us to flow with life’s flow, while it favors us and helps us with opportunities instead of wasting them.
  • It is a good proverb on the value of time.
  • It teaches us to be proactive, productive and prudent in life.
  • It warns us that the good conditions may not always last just the same, so we must save up for the rainy days in every sense.
  • It tells us the importance of planning, discipline and dedication.

Proverbs from all over the globe teach us many wise lessons for life. This proverb here equally brings us both practical and philosophical teachings of how to act in life.

By Vishakha