Paragraph on Mass Communication and Its Importance

Mass communication can be defined as a large scale communication conveyed to people en masse. It is that communication which arises from one source, and through a medium, reaches multiple, mass recipients.

The importance of mass communication is as follows –

  1. Modern life is completely dependent on mass communication and via-satellite communication.
  2. Mass communication is intertwined in our day-to-day lives, from entertainment to education.
  3. Mass communication developed more recently in the last century, but the boom has been exponential.
  4. As modern Individuals, we use mass media every time, be it for gathering information, staying updated or just for entertainment.
  5. Common examples of Mass communication are TV and News Media, Newspaper, Internet and Print media.
  6. Nowadays our education system too is adopting satellite aided digital classrooms, this using mass communication as a mode of teaching.

They become more aware of the country’s Mass communication has a huge role to play in every country and culture. The impact of mass communication is huge, and so we need to use such an influence with utmost responsibility and carefulness.

By Vishakha