Paragraph on Media and Its Impact

Media can be defined as the method or channel through which any message is communicated. The singular word for media is medium. So we have various types of communication mediums, or media, such as the newspaper media, advertisement media, news and broadcast media and digital media.

The impact of Media

  • Today media is a huge industry and millions of people worldwide work in it.
  • Our TV broadcasts news, films and ads and, in turn, is another multilayered form of media called the television media.
  • News and broadcast media is used for dissemination of socio-political and current affairs news to the mass.
  • Entertainment media brings us movies, documentaries, music and dance videos and so on.
  • Magazines we read are also a form of print media, besides newspaper.
  • The internet and the social platforms are called the digital media that brings us digitized version of the same information.
  • The collaborative and consolidated expression of all this is called mass media in general.

Media is ideally supposed to give us neutral, healthy and productive information that helps humanity and society. However, unfortunately both news and entertainment media today churns us mostly negative, unhealthy, dissention provoking and destructive information, negatively impacting the world.

By Vishakha