Paragraph on My Ambition in Life

My ambition in life keeps changing from time to time as I am still exploring the one best suited for me. Sometimes, I think my ambition is to become an engineer, building technological innovations. Some other times, I think I want to be a great doctor, saving people’s lives. And then I think I want to be a journalist or a photographer or a writer and so on.

I want to figure out my ambition in life soon because:

  • Once I have an ambition, I can start using it as my daily motivation to study hard, work better and so on.
  • I can set long term goals and keep steadily working to achieve them.
  • I can use my ambition as my fuel to hard work, discipline, focus and more.
  • Once I choose my ambition, I can easily choose my stream of education.
  • My ambition in life will keep me safely grounded in my healthy priorities, discipline and values.

I am in no hurry to quickly jump to a decision as I know I can and should take more time to carefully choose my ambition in life as this is the one vision that shapes an individual’s entire course of life.

By Vishakha