Paragraph on My Childhood Memories

Everyone has childhood memories and I am no different in this regard either. My childhood memories are still in the process of building but I also have some in place already. I have fond memories of my earliest days as a toddler, of my parents loving me and my toys. I am keeping a journal of my childhood memories even as I continue to make them.

I love my childhood memories and am extremely fond of them because they help me recollect happy, stress-free and playful periods of my life.

These memories help me recollect my happy school days, my old friends and teachers that I meet no more, especially because some of my fondest memories are of my school days frolicking with my best friends.

My childhood memories, like anyone’s, have a strong influence on my adult life today so I am especially nostalgic when I think about them.

My childhood memories are full of my parents’ love, friend’s frolic, summer vacations and fun stories.

My memories may also have certain painful, fearful and traumatic stories in it and I continue to learn to face them and heal myself too.

I always try remember that many children in this world don’t even have a childhood, or the sense of a childhood and so, their memories are only filled with dark, scary bits. Hence, I am always grateful I have a childhood and that I am blessed with pleasant childhood memories.

By Vishakha