Paragraph on My City

India is a big country and has innumerable cities. Yet, my city is my favorite of all the other cities. I have lived in Delhi since I was a child and I have known the flavors, colors and shades of this city and the capital of India closely.

I love Delhi immensely as it is home as I know it and I have lived here all my life. Some other reasons why it’s my heart and soul are:

  • It feels like my greater home where I feel familiar and safe.
  • Delhi gives me feelings of fellowship, social belonging, cultural familiarity and a lot more.
  • As I explore Delhi more and more every single day, it gives me more understanding of the people, the culture and the geography around me.
  • I, at times, think that even if I go outside my city for studies or a job, I would always want to come back to the city I call home.
  • Delhi meets all my needs and I respect it by keeping it clean and healthy.

Every citizen of each country has a responsibility towards their own city that houses them and provides for them. I love my city too and try to keep it clean and happy as it has made me.

By Vishakha