Paragraph on My Family

Family can be defined as a group of individuals related to each other, either by birth or by marriage ties, and especially include parents and children. But a bigger picture of a family can even include an extended family or our ancestors. I also have a large extended family and I love my family a lot. I value family to a large extent and strongly believe in unbreakable familial ties and lifetime bonds. I love my family because:

  • My family gives me a sense of belonging, care, safety and security in practical ways.
  • Family members may vary in their outlook, beliefs, choices, actions and behavior, but still act as a unit. Mine is the same.
  • No two families are the same. Every family in this world is unique. Mine is too but they always have my back which is another reason why I love them.
  • My family thrives on love, mutual respect, open and honest communication and relational allegiance.
  • We have a strong value system and they continue to uphold my hopes and dreams as their own.

A family system holds our society together. Any healthy and progressive community or culture needs to first have healthy families. Mine does and I’m a better human being for it.

By Vishakha