Respect Your Elders – Short Essay

We grow up knowing that people need to earn our respect and we need to earn theirs. This is true teaching. Different people earn respect in different ways. Some do it by accomplishing things in their lives while others receive it because of their age factor and knowledge they have. Someone who is senior to you by age, experience, or position deserves your respect. Those who are senior to us in age are our elders.

Disrespecting an older person shows moral bankruptcy, and it is a terrible thing. While some may provoke you, wisdom says that must refrain yourself.

Showing respect to your elders can be done in various ways.

Ways to show respect

Address them properly

Calling your elders by their name is a sign of disrespect. You can use titles like sir or ma’am instead of their names. If they are your relatives, use the relevant titles such as aunty, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, and so on. If you must call their names, attach the proper title before the name.

Watch your language while addressing them

In this generation, there is a lot of slang that the young people use. While addressing your elders, avoid such language and use appropriate words. Older people may not know what you mean when you use certain words. The chances are that you will have a communication breakdown. Also, because of the disrespect, you the person may also be offended.

Pay attention as they speak

Listening attentively as a person speaks is a show of respect whether young or old. As an older person speaks, avoid murmuring. Communicate with your body as well that you are paying attention. Maintain eye contact, sit upright, nod your head once in a while, and so on.

Be kind and loving

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way to show respect. If you see them struggle to do something, help them. As they approach a building, open and hold the door for them, offer a place to sit, and so on.

Respecting your elders is not something that you should debate about. One day you will be where they are now. Therefore, do not take it lightly.

By Lorah