Save the World ­- Short Essay

The issue of “Save the World” has been raised by several media worldwide and thus promoted with the focus on the necessary measures required to save the world truly. The notion “Save the World” brings out the different issues that are disturbing the peace, ecological balance and the integration of the society. To specify about the environmental disturbance, need to discuss about the disturbed environmental balance of the world due to various issues like the Greenhouse effect, global warming, deforestation, etc.

The natural calamities that are occurring around the world are due to the disturbance of this ecological balance and the devastations of nature. Among these, the radioactive pollution is also a crucial threat to the environment of the world that has already destroyed the major part of the Ozonosphere. Due to the destruction of the Ozonosphere layer of the atmosphere, the sunlight consisting of the harmful ultraviolet rays is entering the Earth and severely affecting the human health, plants, and other living organisms. Another most important issue is the Global Warming, due to which there is a considerable change in the entire weather of the globe. Apart from the environmental devastations, there are massive occurrences of human-made destructions throughout the globe that includes terrorism and bomb blasting, political and communal attacks. This kind of devastations has led to the killing of thousands of lives which is also a severe threat to the humanity of the globe. Even the radiations that come out of these explosions are a cause of global warming in the world.

The world can be saved from these issues by conducting various awareness program to reduce the factors of pollution and avoid using any substances that seriously harms the environment. The World Environment Day is such a day when several programs are conducted regarding the greenery movement, keeping the environment healthy, awareness against the cause of global warming, etc.

Thus with the increase in the awareness program for the healthy environment will lead gradually to pollution-free and fresh surroundings. Then it would bring an end to the several devastations in the world.

By Vishakha