Say No to Plastic – Short Essay

The usage of Plastic has increased gradually with the appearance of numerous shops in the market. Be it a small flower shop or a big departmental store; everywhere plastic is used to pack the bought items and deliver to the customers. Even it is quite convenient for the customers to carry the purchased items in a bag of plastic. But using these plastics and disposing it to the garbage bin after its usage is completed is harming the environment severely and also degrading the quality of the soil in which it is getting blenched after a significant number of days. Since plastic is non-degradable, so it is not getting completely blenched with the soil instead it is picked up by the garbage collectors and disposed at a larger area of garbage. Therefore, it is important to say no to plastic.

Due to the chemical structure of the plastics, they are resistant to the many natural processes of degradation. The Plastic pollution affects both land and water bodies. The marine life is severely hampered due to the Plastic pollution that involves ingestion of the plastic products by the marine organisms or exposure of the harmful chemicals of the plastic that affects the physiological structure of the aquatic organisms.

Thus, to avoid the severe effects of plastic pollution, the consumers should be aware of using those harmful plastics. The consumer should not accept plastics from the stores while buying any item rather should carry a bag to bring those items home. Different awareness programs should be conducted by the social organizations to educate the civilians against the ill-effects of using plastics. Thus in the current year’s World Environment Day, a significant awareness program against the usage of plastics had been conducted by UNESCO.

It can be inferred that the plastic pollution is highly poisonous and devastating for the environment of the globe which may even disrupt the hormonal balance in the humans. It is a severe threat to the marine life that completely disturbs the ecological balance of the oceans, and the only way to fight against it is using paper bags instead of plastics.

By Vishakha