Short Essay on Equality between Man and Woman

Equality between man and woman is something that a lot of people have fought for over the years. It is good to know that everything has become better over the years. The world is breaking from the nutshell that used to categorize women as the weak. Because of the promotion of gender equality, women have become more empowered, they have received more opportunities, they have occupied prestigious posts, and more.

Why should countries uphold equality between man and woman always?

It strengthens both genders: When there is equality, both men and women will be strengthened as they will all have more opportunities in every area of life. Both men and women will have a sense of capability and a willingness to explore.

It strengthens the nation: whenever everyone feels included and valued because of impartiality, the society grows stronger socially and economically. People will be able to accept each other freely, and the nation will function adequately.

It helps the people to live up to their full potentials: when there is an exclusion of a people because of one reason or the other, their abilities remain hidden and unexplored. But when they are opened up to different possibilities, the skills can be harnessed for more significant benefits. That is why equality between man and woman has caused women to thrive in men’s world and vice versa.

Equality shows the progression of a county: A country can be seen to make progress and to be a part of the world’s progressive laws by standing for equality. A state that does not offer impartiality can be thought of as a backward country.

Creates a fair ground for life: equality ensures that there is fairness across both genders. No one will be favored because of the law, their race, their gender, or any other discriminatory factors. No one will have an advantage handed to them unless they create it.

Equality between man and woman is a reality that has come a long way to be achieved. Everyone has the responsibility of upholding it. This is how we will build a stronger and efficient society.

By Lorah